2014 / 06

伝統的な華道の作法や花型法に安住せず、漂流し彷徨い、未知の表現を探し求め続けること。お決まりの場所や空間で美しく花を飾るのではなく、新しい世界に花を投げ込み、強かに存在させること。都市を花器に見立て、適材適所で生け花を再構築していく、プランティカの ‘nomadic(縦横無尽)’ は、まだ始まったばかり。

ドキュメンタリー映像(5:38)はこちら ⇨ “Nomadic Behind the Scene”

‘Nomadic’ is an art project by Japanese flower artist unit “plantica” seizing for a transient beauty hidden in our daily lives. By not settling for the traditional laws of flower arrangement, they drift and wander searching for infinite opportunities to express what’s within. Everything exists in a state of flux. Flower art lives with the constant change. Plantica portrays the philosophy of impermanence through spontaneous ikebana (Japanese flower art) using city as a vase.


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