We constantly
push the boundaries
of floral art.

Plantica is a
flower creative studio
founded by Takashi Kimura
from Japan

We are a creative studio that connects flowers with art, fashion, and lifestyle, intertwining with space design, large-scale installations, textile design, product design, and art direction.

We work on large commercial spaces, resort facilities, a wide range of flower arrangements for corporate events (LVMH Group, NIKE, STARBUCKS, TOYOTA, etc.), and various floral decorations for commercials or advertisements.

To share this exquisite culture of flower design with the rest of the world, we actively work to create exposure both in Japan and overseas. These last few years have been momentous to us receiving several awards and recognitions.

We created the floral arrangement for the Japanese Pavilion at the Milan World Expo in 2015, for which we received the gold medal in the exhibition design category. We provided the flower arrangement for the memorial ceremony for the late King Bhumibol of Thailand. Moreover, we were invited to create an installation for a flower art event hosted by Princess Caroline of Monaco and dedicated the specially made vase used in the work to the princess.

Plantica has been gaining attention from both domestic and international media. Our work has been featured in documentary programs such as NHK WORLD’s “Design Talks”, and the France’s “Canal Plus”.

Creative Director / Florist


Takashi Kimura graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University, College of Business Administration, and completed the Graduate School of Media Design at Keio University. While conscious of the 600-year-old traditions and aesthetics of ikebana flower arrangement, he is pursuing new methods of expression for the next generation, seeking venues for expression in urban public spaces and the virtual Metaverse, and actively planning and collaborating on floral fashion items. In recent years, he has directed a large-scale traveling exhibition in China.

After working as an exclusive florist for a casino and resort facility (The Venetian Macao), he formed Plantica in 2008, a creative studio that uses a variety of techniques to communicate the appeal of flowers. He has been involved in a wide range of floral direction, from the production of facilities at Hoshino Resort and Huis Ten Bosch to flower arrangements for events, commercials, and advertisements for cosmetic and fashion brands.

In 2015, Takashi was in charge of flower direction (Kacho Fugetsu, Shiki, Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind) at the Japanese Pavilion at the Milan International Expo. To represent as an emerging cultural figure, he has appeared in UNIQLO TV commercials and advertisements as a fleece ambassador (2009, 2014), and has been interviewed by NHK WORLD, and the French broadcaster Canal Plus for documentary programs. His activities have attracted attention from the media both in Japan and abroad.


We offer flower design services that cater to your budget, desired size, and various other requests. If you already have an idea of the floral arrangement you want, we can provide a design plan that matches your concept and vision.

*The listed price is an estimate; please consult with us separately for details.

Gift / Novelty

PRICE ¥200,000〜
We offer original floral arrangements, blizzard flower gift boxes, pressed flower panels, and other original floral arrangements suitable for your project as promotional tools for distribution at events, commemorative parties, and various campaigns.

Catering / Popup

PRICE ¥300,000〜
We offer on-site flower arrangement services for parties, events, unveilings, press conferences, and various other occasions. Additionally, we also serve as agents for pop-up stand florists for events and branded specifications.

Styling / Decoration

PRICE ¥350,000〜
We design flower arrangements and displays suitable for a variety of spaces, including shops, window displays, offices, exhibition halls, event venues, and more. We also propose styling plans for flower arrangements that aligns with the concept and ideas of your event.

Visualise / Set Design

PRICE ¥400,000〜
Our flower art and set design services enhance the visual appeal of your commercial films and graphic advertisements with creative, carefully crafted designs using flowers and plants.


Company Name
plantica Inc.
Takashi Kimura
August 2008
Capital Stock
10 million yen
5 (1 full-time employee / 4 regular outsourced workers)
102 Atlas Aoyama Residential, 2-5-12, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002
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