Discover the alluring fusion of elegance and artistry with the newly launched gift box from salon fragrance brand DOEY and Herm├Ęs’ esteemed royal florist team, Plantica. This exquisite collection includes a captivating Flower Lighthouse fragrance, a personalized letter, and a delicate ribbon, adding a touch of personal charm. Inspired by the romantic verses of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, “But my words are colored by your love. You occupy everything, occupy everything,” this collaboration celebrates the profound connection between love and fragrance.

Founded in 2021, DOEY is at the forefront of the fragrance world, embracing a philosophy of “borderless, genderless, environmentally sustainable” luxury. By blending Eastern and Western cultural influences and collaborating with renowned international perfumers and design teams, DOEY aims to elevate fragrances to high art. Their current offerings include innovative fireless aromatherapy, luxurious scented candles, and decorative incense hangings, each crafted to transform your space with a whisper of elegance and a breath of cultural harmony. Experience the art of fragrance with DOEY and let your senses embark on a journey of exquisite aromas and poetic inspiration.