The comprehensive soft-serve ice cream manufacturer “Nissei” has collaborated with Plantica. Nissei’s mission, “to provide scenes filled with smiles and happiness,” resonated with us. This spirit aligns with the emotions that “flowers” bring to us, leading to this collaboration.

The combination of “soft-serve ice cream x flowers” enhances feelings of happiness. The sweetness and rich flavor of the soft-serve are expressed through Plantica’s vibrant floral designs. For each of the four flavors – vanilla, strawberry, blue cheese, and chocolate, we’ve designed special floral patterns and incorporated them into limited-edition packaging.

Pop-up event details:

Duration: September 15, 2023, to October 14, 2023
Location: Shanghai Global Harbor Shopping Center

About Nissei(日世):
Established in 1951, Nissei was the first to sell soft-serve ice cream in Japan and played a pioneering role in establishing the soft-serve culture. The company has continued to promote this culture ever since. Today, it is a top brand in the domestic market with a share exceeding 50%, and is loved by many.

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