Broken Flowers + Flower Scenery

●Exhibition name: anonymous art project “Collective 2024”
●Theme: We will disseminate the form of a new art collective by artists and young artists active in Japan and abroad, and hold art exhibitions based on collective proposals from a collective of artists, collectors, and curators. .
●Period: January 8th – March 25th 10:00 – 20:00
Corner lot, Omotesando intersection, 5-1-1 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
●Participation fee: Free
●Sponsored by: anonymous art project

●Main participating artists (in alphabetical order)
Sterling Ruby/Kengo Kito/Kyo Takemura/Shinya Higashi/Shinya Imanishi/Rei Kizumoto/Mitsumasa Miura/Yangbo/Rena Sanpei/Rei Mishima/Kohei Yamada/Jadé Fadojutimi/
Takashi Kimura (plantica)/Mika Tajima/Kota Morie/Akiyoshi Yasuda/Masami Yamazaki/
Yuko Mouri/Norimichi Hirakawa/David Horwitz/
Mika Ninagawa

●Main exhibition period
《Indoor exhibition》
January 8th – February 4th Art Exhibition 1:
Chimera’s Home – How to Breed Power Sterling Ruby, Kengo Kito, Kyo Takemura
February 12th to February 28th Art Exhibition 2:
Sterling Ruby and 8 authors, Kengo Kito + Takashi Kimura (plantica)
March 4th – March 25th Art Exhibition 3:
Yuko Mouri, David Horwitz, Norimichi Hirakawa

《Outdoor exhibition》
January 19th to March 4th
Outdoor installation:
Kengo Kito, Kota Morie, Akiyoshi Yasuda, Mika Tajima, Takashi Kimura (plantica)
March 05th to March 17th
Takashi Kimura (plantica) 2 video works, Kengo Kito work LINES
March 18th to March 25th
Mika Ninagawa 3 video works

《Outdoor production and exhibition》
January 19th to March 25th
Masami Yamazaki, Shinya Higashi *Production date is a deadline. The exhibition is open all day.

*Outdoor exhibits can also be viewed from the surrounding sidewalks. Video screening is from 7:00 to 24:00.

●About anonymous art project
The anonymous art project is a project based in Harajuku and Omotesando, Tokyo that supports contemporary Japanese artists. This project collects and exhibits representative works that would sell immediately if an artist presented them at a commercial gallery. These works often end up in the hands of private collectors, limiting public access. Through the collaboration of collectors, gallerists, and artists, this project provides a viewing room open to everyone, where admission is free, photos can be taken, and posting on social media is free. Started in January 2023, our activities focus on collecting, exhibiting, and donating to public museums and other institutions. We aim to develop as a collective without boundaries, collaborating not only with contemporary art artists but also with creators and curators.